When choosing a new antivirus program, users often compare popular solutions. It helps to learn more about the offered features and choose the most suitable bundle for specific needs. Today, we’ll compare very popular software from Avast and Norton. Let’s see which one is better in user-friendliness, protection, performance, features, and pricing.

Are They User-Friendly? The Comparison of the Interfaces

Both companies managed to deliver simple designs. Even beginners will quickly learn how to use their software.

Avast has a great interface one can intuitively navigate. The left side is dedicated to main modules that lead to all features, tools, information, etc. It uses a color-correction scheme, which implies that whenever the software needs the user’s attention/updates/action, etc. it changes color from green to yellow or red.

Norton looks modern and simple. The interface doesn’t have anything unnecessary or annoying. A quick scan button, current status, and essential notifications/messages.

Malware Protection

To compare both antivirus programs, we use the test results from independent test labs. The latest research shows that Norton got higher scores.

While both companies have great malware detection rates, Norton stopped more threats. In case you are interested in the precise numbers, visit AV-Test or AV-Comparatives to learn everything about the engine tests.


The impact on system performance is a crucial factor for many users. From the ones who work online to those who like advanced video games. Well, in this comparison, both programs got excellent results. According to the independent tests, they do not slow down the computer. Avast and Norton have a light impact that is in the parameters of normal.


Avast and Norton have lots to offer to their customers. Both companies include advanced protection and additional features to maintain all-round protection. But it seems that Norton premium subscription brings more.

The most expensive Norton bundle includes a password manager, a VPN, 50 GB cloud storage space, a firewall, webcam protection, parental control features, and dark web monitoring. All this for 5 devices.

Avast brings a secure browser, a password manager, a smart firewall, Wi-Fi inspector, Sandbox, the Real Site feature, and several optimization tools.

Seem like both companies have tons of features and tools to offer. However, when making a choice, users should think about the ones they require only.


Users who want to cover all household devices with one license should choose Norton. The company offers better deals and lower price tags. What’s more, it has multiple bundles with different sets of features to help you get only the features you want.

On the other hand, Avast offers a free version that is impossible to beat. In case you search for free antivirus, the company has one of the best solutions on the market.

The Verdict

All in all, both antivirus solutions secure high-quality protection and deliver enough extras. Norton seems a bit better in some aspects. However, the choice is yours. Pick the program that suits your needs better.

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