Avast sells a well-known antivirus that millions of people use all over the world. All of them also get Avast Secure Browser. That’s where questions begin. Some users don’t know where it came from because they don’t remember installing it. Others immediately look for a way to remove the program. Let’s find out more about the software as well as the simplest ways to uninstall it.

How Did Avast Secure Browser Get on My PC?

When users install Avast antivirus, they often get a bundle of extra tools. They include a VPN, a password managed, optimizing tools, and Secure Browser. They all aim to help secure the device and stored data from malware and other online threats.

Secure Browser, for instance, comes with bank mode, anti-fingerprinting, and other cool features that protect your online activities. The browser also scans all sites to prevent all sorts of malicious files from getting to your device. Those who use Avast VPN can combine both tools for confidentiality, anonymity, and enhanced security.

How to Remove the Software?

In case you don’t want to use Avast Secure Browser, you can do several things.

First and simplest, ignore it. You don’t have to use it and simply forget about it. In case your computer has enough storage for this app, move on and keep using the usual programs. In case you are tight on free space, removing it makes more sense. To do it, you can uninstall the program in several ways.

Use the dedicated software. The market is full of uninstallers that can remove any program without leaving any traces. They detect and remove all empty and unnecessary files usually left behind after the traditional uninstallation.

In case you don’t have any third-party uninstallation tools, use the control panel to get the list of installed apps. Remove the unwanted ones in one click. Access your Control Panel from the Start Menu. Open Apps & Features or Programs & Features. Both are fine. They only differ in the interface.

Finally, you can follow the instructions from the official Avast website. It has precisely-described steps for every OS separately.

Another detail to take into account

Regardless of the method you prefer, you must wait until the end of the process. After complete removal, you’ll see that the action is completed. It could be a window with the related message, or the app will disappear from the list of installed software. After you remove the software, it’s preferable to restart the PC.

Bottom line

All in all, Avast Secure Browser is a useful tool that helps antivirus software protect users’ computers from viruses, malware, and other online threats. It has a simple interface and advanced protection methods. However, in case you want to remove it, there are several ways to deal with the situation. Use one of the previously-described methods. They can all efficiently help you get rid of the program once and for all.

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