Avast Antivirus is a great solution for everyone who looks for a solid cybersecurity application. However, sometimes you might want to try out solutions from different companies and to do so, you want to remove it from your computer. It is great that modern users have an opportunity of exploring various options by taking advantage of the free trial periods almost every advanced cybersecurity application offers. This article will explain all the details of deleting Avast Antivirus from the computer and will provide all the information on how to uninstall Avast on mac.

Why would anyone need to uninstall Avast?

The main tendency with a modern cybersecurity software market is the growth in various applications. Every developer tries to come up with some innovative ideas to draw the customers’ interest to his or her product. Therefore, there is no surprise that people usually look for the methods to get rid of some of the programs.

Reasons for deleting Avast:

  • Unsuitable interface or functionality can be the main reason for a change. Due to the wide variety of the applications, users have many to choose from, which caused an increase in the complexity of tastes.
  • The end of the tariff or trial period. You might have disliked the program after the demo period or found it not worth the money. Some people choose the alternatives due to the more competitive price or better value for money.
  • The set of additional features may not be the best for you. Most of the users see additional functions as a defining factor of most of the cybersecurity applications, thus, they can cause the user to give the preference to the alternative option.
  • Some people find the background scanning processes and notification about different threats annoying and prefer to stay unprotected. That is a bad choice because sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit of comfort to gain a lot of security and protection.

How to delete Avast on Mac?

The process of deleting the Avast Antivirus is quite similar on all the platforms but still should be explained. The Mac operating system is famous for its convenience and user-friendly interface. Anyone can remove the program safely without the external help by following couple of the advices:

  • Open Avast Antivirus in the main menu or find it in the list of applications.
  • Find the “uninstall” option in the list and click on it. Confirm your action afterwards.
  • Make sure Avast is not running anymore and delete the Icon of it too.

The process does not require any special skills and it is somewhat easier than on Windows operating systems. You can reinstall Avast Antivirus at any time though, if you decide to use it ever again.


Avast can be easily uninstalled from any Mac even by an amateur user. Three given in the article tips will help to make the process flawless.

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