VPN services are getting more widespread and popular every day. The demand has led to new service providers appearing all the time. Today, we’ll take a look at one of the most reliable and secure solutions called IVPN. Let’s learn more about the provider’s services as well as whether it’s worth purchasing them.

Introduction to IVPN

It is a small company that never gets to the charts with the giants of the industry. Yet, it’s a decent solution for many users, depending on what they look for in a VPN.

IVPN currently has servers in 32 countries. According to the statement from the official website, the provider has 63 OpenVPN servers, 76 WireGuard servers, and 45 IVPN exit nodes. It’s not a lot if you compare with leaders who have thousands of servers. On the other hand, you don’t really need that many. The quality is more important.

Main Features and Peculiarities to Consider

Nowadays, the company has a kill-switch in the software. It means that whenever the connection is corrupted, the software stops it to prevent any data leaks. DNS-leak protection, as well as several encryption protocols, help protect users’ data and activities.

Besides, IVPN not has a strict no-log policy. It implies that the company doesn’t track or store your activities. Consequently, it doesn’t share this information with third-party companies.

Users who look for a trustworthy VPN solution for torrenting can choose this company. While it doesn’t support the feature in the US, the rest of the world works. IVPN values your privacy and puts anonymity and security first. That’s why torrenting and streaming aren’t the top priorities here.

All users get other features, including:

  • Split tunneling;
  • Multi-layered encryption;
  • High speeds;
  • Apps for iOS and Android, etc.

Essentials to Take into Account

It’s a great choice for inexperienced users because of a simple and convenient interface. It’s easy to turn it on with one click. Users may choose the servers in the wanted countries, preserve anonymity, and access restricted content as if from another region.

While the software is great in terms of security, it’s useless when it comes to unblocking streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, etc. US torrenting is off-limits, too. While these factors aren’t the most important for some users, others see them as decision-making ones. So, weigh all pros and cons before getting a subscription for this VPN service.

Pricing Policy

Another crucial fact one should consider is the price tag. Taking into account the provided services, IVPN seems overpriced. If you are on a tight budget, you can easily find an alternative that will be two or three times cheaper.

Bottom Line

IVPN is a trustworthy VPN provider that offers great speeds and numerous security features to protect the personal information and online activities of each customer. Most reviews agree that it delivers high-quality services, and everything is as advertised. However, one should scan the offers to see if they meet the needs.

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