Spectrum Security Suite is a product that comes with Spectrum Internet subscriptions. Most users who have this provider still don’t know that they have access to this software. Yet, it could be a great substitution for your antivirus and cover up to 10 devices in your house. Let’s get to know more about the program, what it does, and how reliable it is.

What Is Spectrum Security Suite?

Spectrum Security Suite is a dedicated antivirus and Internet security software from the Internet provider. It’s included in the subscription plan. So, if you are interested in trying it, there’s not much to lose, at least in the financial meaning. It’s easy to install the software if you follow the instructions on the official website. Once you add the program, you’ll get several benefits like virus removal, protection from zero-day threats, parental control, etc. This program uses cloud-based technologies to deliver the best results and protect desktops and laptops.

Keep in mind that Spectrum Security Suite doesn’t cover smartphones. So, if you require antivirus for your smartphone, you’ll have to get something else for the device.

Top Features that Come with the Software

Spectrum Security Suite has the following tools and features:

  • Automatic virus removal. The software detects threats and eliminated them automatically. Yet, one may notice that it still requires manual approval in many cases;
  • Cloud-based technologies detect and stop zero-day threats as well as other types of malware for efficient protection from the latest threats;
  • A personal firewall. It increases online security, protecting your personal information;
  • In addition to a firewall, users get browser protection;
  • Parental control features come in handy if you have children. The tool allows limiting the content as well as the time spent online;
  • Real-Time Protection works in the background assuring no threat will get on your device;
  • Spyware protection is another feature that increases your Internet security.

Yet, one should remember that different devices get different sets of features. It’s a bit confusing but greatly depends on the operating system.

Reasons to Use Spectrum Security Suite

The features enumerated above show why you need the software. You may try it because Spectrum Security Suite brings versatile protection to your desktops and laptops. The software scans the devices for malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware, other malicious algorithms. As soon as it detects something, it deals with the issue. Sometimes it happens automatically. In other cases, it requires authorization. The latter causes inconveniences as it irritates most users.

Another reason to try the software is that both Windows and macOS users receive a Security Firewall as another layer of protection. The feature comes in handy for online browsing.

Spectrum Security Suite scans the search results and evaluates every site for security. In front of every website, a user sees the grade from A to F. Like in school, A is the top grade and stands for Safe in this case, while F implies the website has something suspicious going on. Remember that the software won’t block your access to the site. You can ignore this feature at your own risk.

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