A very affordable and highly-complimented antivirus is gathering more and more attention. Webroot is getting more popular by the day, and people wonder what it is. Today we’ll learn more about it from Webroot reviews for Mac by Harry Brown https://antivirus-review.com/webroot-review.

General overview

The first thing one pays attention to when getting the software is how lightweight Webroot is. The software quickly unpacks, and the installation process is seamless. Immediately after the installation, one may use the antivirus and navigate through it to access the needed features.

A user-friendly design deserves separate praise. Even inexperienced users can quickly learn how to navigate the program. The intuitive interface secures convenient services.

Scan options

The program has four main scan modes. They are:

  • A quick scan;
  • A full scan;
  • A deep scan;
  • A select scan.

They look for viruses, malware, and rootkits. The scanner also detects and deletes PUAs. It includes ads that come with applications, unnecessary tools that slow down the PC’s performance, etc. The software removes all potentially harmful files for better results.


Webroot for Mac delivers decent protection due to a combination of several features. Firstly, it’s Real-Time protection that blocks occurring threats the moment they are detected.

Secondly, it’s web protection. Webroot has an extension for browsers with Web Shielding Filtering. However, the service is questionable because the independent tests have revealed that it misses tons of phishing sites and some dangerous ones, too.

Additional features

Everyone also receives a password manager that keeps all the passwords safe and in one place. The convenience of this tool comes with the possibility to access the data from various devices. For instance, users can share this information across their desktops, tablets, and iPhones.

USB protection is another feature all users receive. It scans all attached devices to prevent possible threats. It blocks all infected files.

Finally, Webroot has a convenient backup system. Users receive 25 GB of cloud space for data storage. They may synchronize the devices and store everything without any risk of losing the data. It’s even possible to select the stored files or folders.


Aside from software peculiarities, most users are interested in information like prices, device coverage, etc. Well, this antivirus software seems affordable as it costs $30 per year. Keep in mind that this license covers only one device. It’s an excellent choice for those who don’t need to shield multiple devices.

Those who want to get one account and protect all devices in the household should select a suitable plan. They are more expensive but still cost-effective.

Before paying the price, users can test the program. The developers offer a free 14-day trial version. For two weeks, one may test all the features and observe the software in action.


Webroot for Apple devices seems like a decent choice. While it’s not the best on the market, the software offers some advanced features at a low price tag. The ticket customer support could seem like a downside for some, but many users don’t use it anyway. A free trial version and cloud storage make it an appealing choice.

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