In case you’ve never dealt with CyberBear, this brief overview will come in handy. Let’s find out what Cyberbear is, what it does as well as other things you should take into account.

What CyberBear Is

First of all, it’s important to understand that CyberBear is a web-based app. It can also be referred to as Banner Self-Service. All UM students, staff, and administrators get access to this application. To log in, one should enter the NetID and password. Every person gets customized access to records.

What CyberBear Does

The app performs several functions. It allows individuals to view and change the information in the system. In this case, it implies data like class registration, transcript printing, grade entry, address changes, billing, scholarship, employment records, etc. The system has many Banner modules that sort this information into categories.

As a rule, there is no need to request access to it. Access to this platform is created automatically for everyone who is eligible. However, if you have issues, contact the support team.

Main Facts about CyberBear

  • The system is free of charge;
  • Only UM students, faculty, staff, and administrators can get access to the site;
  • To access CyberBear, one should visit or Both sites will take users to the login page;
  • CyberBear works 24/7. One may access the system both on- and off-campus;
  • The platform has scheduled maintenance when the system is offline. The website announces it beforehand;
  • The system sends email notifications about the latest updates;
  • CyberBear belongs to Enterprise Information Systems.

In case you have any questions or need to learn more about the site’s policy, there are dedicated sections with relevant information on the official website. Site members can also call the IT Central Help Desk when they face any issues with using the website’s services.


All in all, CyberBear is a useful website that delivers lots of relevant information to UM students and employees. When you get your NetID, you can access academic records, employee job & benefits information, etc. Faculty employees, as well as advisers, may use the app to manage classes, grades, etc. Meanwhile, the students will get the latest updates, too.

CyberBear works as a method of communication, too. Once teachers share the grades, students can log in and see theirs, for instance. What’s more, CyberBear delivers administrative services, too. One can update information about billing, change the address, find out more about financial aid processing, etc. Speaking of the latter, the web application shows the break down of aid awarded by term. Students will see the actual estimated award. However, one should remember that there could be estimated and actual awards. They have some differences. To learn more, visit the final review page.

So, CyberBear is a secure portal with all the information students and UM employees need. It’s a place where one can find answers to numerous questions.

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